Our current PGP key will expire on July 31, 2023

If you are a client who is using Benevity’s public PGP key to encrypt files (like user demographic or payroll success files) when you send them to us, please note that our current PGP key will expire on July 31, 2023. We’re asking you to update to the new key before this date to ensure the files you send will still be decrypted.

Here’s how to update the PGP encryption key:

1. Send this message to your technical team
Kindly share this message with those responsible for handling file encryption, or transfer from your organization to Benevity through the web link https://files.benevity.org or SFTP via files.benevity.org.


2. Validate the expiring PGP encryption key
Please verify that you’re using the following key to encrypt any files prior to sending them to Benevity:

Expiring key details
Key ID: 0x91827729C1E998BE
User ID: Benevity PGP File Transfer <coprojects@benevity.com>
Expiration Date: 2023-07-31
Fingerprint: A184 9F9E A978 6A8F BDDB 5575 9182 7729 C1E9 98BE

If you’re not using the PGP encryption key above, no action is required.

3. Update to the new PGP encryption key
If you’re using the expiring key, please replace it with the new key details below before July 31, 2023. Our managed file transfer system already supports the new key so you can begin using it immediately.

New PGP key details
Location: https://storage.benevity.com/Benevity/Benevity-PGP-2026.asc
Key ID: 0x468C16284D5FA2D1
User ID: Benevity PGP File Transfer 2023 <coprojects@benevity.com>
Description: Key Pair
Key Type: RSA
Key Size: 2048
Signature Digest Algorithm: SHA256
Expiration Date: 2026-07-31
Fingerprint: 1470 2633 11D4 4E52 D8FD 17C8 468C 1628 4D5F A2D1

If you don’t update to the new PGP encryption key prior to the deadline, the files you send after July 31, 2023 may not be decrypted, which could result in delays processing user updates or reconciling payroll donations.

If you have questions, please visit the B-Hive and submit a support request.

Thanks for helping us continue to safeguard your data.

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