Turkey earthquake response

Multiple earthquakes have devastated Turkey (Türkiye), killing more than 11,000 people (as of Feb. 8). Countless structures have been decimated and the death toll continues to climb. You and your people may be watching the crisis unfold, wanting to do whatever you can to help. We're committed to making it easier for you to make an impact and are staying on the pulse to deliver the most updated information. 

Turkey Earthquake Disaster Relief Kit

We’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible impact that can happen when our community pulls together quickly — and the collective action makes a tangible difference for the people and communities that need it most urgently.
To activate your people, download our ready-to-use disaster relief kit for:
  • A giving opportunity and a news item
  • Vetted nonprofits*
  • Images for Spark and giving opportunities

🔒 Turkey earthquake crisis disaster and crisis response.

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