January 2023: Release Highlights


Find out what’s changed and what’s coming soon across Benevity products this month.

Benevity Affinity Groups 

Events Management is coming soon!

Manage all your ERG events right in the Benevity Affinity Groups platform.

This new functionality allows you to stay on top of the events happening across your program through an intuitive planning calendar and provides reports to track ROI. Your ERG leads can easily coordinate events, gather RSVPs, and communicate events to their members and the broader organization. With a new sleek calendar view, your employees can see all company events or filter to see those from the ERGs they are a part of, RSVP accordingly, add to their personal calendars, and participate in event surveys, polls, quizzes and discussions.





New Location Management Service available now

You will now be able to manage your grant programs based on locations (i.e. Stores list). This list will allow clients to select the store location closest to them, allocate a specific budget for each store, and show a map of locations.

Spark: Admin 

Support for users moving country

Benevity is making it easier to support employees moving to a different country while working for the same company. New updates include:

  • Employees with recurring donations set-up (i.e. Credit Card, PayPal and Payroll): The pending/recurring/upcoming donations will be cancelled so you are not charged in the wrong currency (you will be notified of this update!). Once done, the employee will be moved to the new foundation, where they can seamlessly set up the recurring donation in your new currency.
  • Employees with pending volunteer time and queued external match requests: These time submissions and external match requests will be cancelled and efficiently moved to the new foundation. You’ll receive an automated email notification when this update happens. From there, you can resubmit any unapproved volunteer time submissions for approval again.
  • Employees will not be automatically moved if they have:
    • Peer match requests awaiting approval: these must be cancelled by the employee first and the demographic file owner after. The employee will receive email notifications prompting them to cancel the requests themselves.
    • A balance in Giving Accounts (Funds or Rewards): the employee will receive an email prompting them to donate the balance, which must be done before they can be moved.
    • A balance in their PAC matches: the employee will receive an email prompting them to redeem their PAC matches, which must be done before they can be removed.
    • Employees will receive a weekly reminder until each balance has expired.

Spark: Discovery

New refreshed search experience for opportunities

A new, streamlined experience for finding a giving or volunteering opportunity is coming soon. The search and browse pages will be combined into a single page — one each for giving and volunteering — allowing you to seamlessly find all relevant content at once. This will be live on January 18.


Content & Campaign Resources

We have new content and campaigns you and your people can support! These resources contain giving opportunities, news items, cause recommendation lists and images sized for Spark.



Important update regarding Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).

As of June 15, 2022, Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer 11 since it has reached its end of life. Therefore, Benevity will also be ending support for IE11 on Feb. 1, 2023. If anyone within your organization still uses IE11, they will need to upgrade to a more modern browser, such as Microsoft Edge, on which Benevity will continue to function as intended and be maintained over time


Benevity’s partnership with Google

As part of Benevity’s continuing partnership with Google, Benevity is consolidating its suite of productivity tools and corporate cloud storage solutions. The implementation of Google Workspace will further enhance and optimize collaboration across teams. 

Throughout 2023, Benevity will be migrating documentation from our current productivity tools and our email to Google Workspace in a phased approach. This migration will have no impact on Benevity products and client data as our products are hosted in separate environments.


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