Get started with giving opportunities


When people can give to causes they're most passionate about, participation increases along with workplace morale. A Giving Opportunity is a featured initiative that gets your people donating to a common goal. It's a great way to increase engagement with your giving program by bringing people together to make a greater impact. 


Company and User-Generated Content

Depending on your site configuration, an opportunity can be created by program administrators only, or by any user. You can customize an opportunity to include donation targets and engaging images for increased visibility.  


Increased Matching 

You can also create custom matching for your Giving Opportunity, or for the cause in general. An increased matching amount is a great way to highlight certain causes and drive engagement with opportunities that make a difference. Disaster relief or holiday giving are great examples of using Giving Opportunities when they might be most effective. 

Highlighted Giving Opportunities give your people a better view of the impact being made and empowers them to give to the causes that align most with your company's goals and vision.


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