December 2022: Release Highlights

Find out what’s changed and what’s coming soon across Benevity products this month.


Employee Engagement

Spark: Cause Experience

Coming soon: New Cause nomination tracker

Now, when you nominate a cause on Benevity, you’ll be able to view a tracker on their profile to show the progress of their nomination through registration - including claiming the account, eligibility and payment readiness. This tracker will create more visibility into the nomination process, keeping employees up-to-date on when their favourite causes are officially available in the system!


Spark: Administration

  • New branded emails:The automated, system-generated emails that notify the user of the move will now be white-labelled with their company branding to match their site colors and logos, creating a more cohesive look and feel across communications.
  • Multi-currency donation:Users who have moved to a new foundation experience can also see multiple currencies in their donation history, if applicable.
  • Cancelling upcoming payroll/credit card donations:Users with upcoming payroll and/or credit card donations will be notified that their recurring donations will be cancelled. Once they officially move to their new experience, users can re-setup their recurring donations to any previous causes they were supporting in their new currency.

Spark: Global Admin  

Coming soon: In-flight transaction support

Support for moving employees with in-flight transactions is on its way! Soon, employees who have existing transactions can be moved to a new foundation when they move to a new country, whilst working for the same employer. Benevity will automatically move the employees’ accounts or notify them of pending transactions or balances they need to close out before they can be moved.


Spark: Discovery 

Refreshed Search Experience for Opportunities

We have a new streamlined experience for finding a giving or volunteering opportunity! Soon, the search and browse pages will be combined into a single page (one for giving, one for volunteering), allowing you to seamlessly find all relevant content at once.



Benevity Affinity Groups

New Group Types label for easier discovery

A new Group Types label is now available to make it easier to distinguish between the types of groups on your Affinity Groups site. Navigate to the Group Details page to find a new setting that will allow you to mark the group as ‘Interest’ or ‘Resource’. You can then filter in the All Groups page using these two different Group Types to easily discover the relevant groups.



New UserWay Integration for a more accessible and inclusive experience 
As part of
Benevity’s ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive and accessible experience in our products and solutions, Benevity Affinity Groups has integrated with, the #1 Web Accessibility Solution for WCAG and ADA Compliance, to bring their Accessibility Menu to all Affinity Groups sites. Options in the menu include a screen reader, smart contrast settings, bigger text options, automated tooltips and more.



Benevity Reporting

New stock report – budget usage by user

A new stock report is available now in Benevity Reporting! Use this report to view data on match cap usage by employee - how many matching dollars an employee has left, how many employees have used their match caps, how many employees are hitting their match caps, and more.


Coming soon: Benevity Grants Embedded Insights Reporting

Early next year, we will be introducing an embedded suite of standard reports that will make it even easier for you to get insights about your community investment program. This includes a suite of standard self-serve reports to seamlessly answer questions about a program’s performance, payments, and budgets. These reports will allow clients to gather insights they care about by filtering the data based on their site’s pre-configured categorizations.


Community Investment 

Benevity Grants

Refreshed Payment Experience
Our modernized payment experience makes it easier to complete a payment and see if any fields need to be corrected, all while keeping your data accurate. When making changes to payment details, you will be able to view warning messages and in-line budget details in real time. If you’re manually paying, you will now have the ability to efficiently move a payment forward or backward to any status in a single step, and even delete the payment entirely. Clients who disburse with Benevity will also notice that tax and routing options have been simplified.



New Forecasting in budget module

This update provides Versaic Budget Module users the ability to reserve funds in a given budget, and the option to allocate those funds for initiatives that have not yet been planned. Users can now set aside these budget amounts for proposals they know will be submitted later in the year.


Content & Campaign Resources

We have new content and campaigns you and your people can support! These resources contain giving opportunities, news items, cause recommendation lists and images sized for Spark.




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