Spark Report: Volunteering

Use the Spark Volunteering Report to view volunteer activity and participation rates across your  program. Filter data to find volunteering totals, trends over time, and user group engagement.

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How to use this report

This report shows volunteering over time or by user group. Use it to see volunteering trends across your company, and find opportunities to grow your program. For example, program administrators can view the time of year with the highest volume of volunteering hours tracked, and which teams are more engaged. This data can be shared with senior leadership, and used to inform marketing or internal campaigns to increase participation.

The Volunteering Report enables you to:

  • Display volunteering data across your program.

  • Compare volunteering totals over time and between employee groups.
  • View top causes, cause categories and volunteer opportunities.

Accessing the report

Users with the Reports Manager role can access this report. Sign into Spark and navigate to Manage > Reports > Volunteering.

When data is updated

This report is updated in real-time.

Report views and filters


  • Group type: Select time (month, quarter or year), volunteering characteristic (cause category, cause name, volunteer opportunity) or any field provided in your demographic data.
  • Start date and end date: Filter volunteer activity over a specific time period. Approved volunteer time tracked will be displayed based on date of submission. Volunteer sign-ups and queued or denied volunteer hours are not included.


Exporting the data

Once you have selected and applied filters, select Export to view your data in PDF, XLSX or CSV.


Glossary terms

  • Volunteer participation rate: Users who have tracked volunteer time displayed as a percentage of eligible users. Volunteer sign-ups and queued/denied volunteer hours tracked are not counted.
  • Eligible user: A person who had access to Spark at any point in the period you are reporting on. Eligible users includes users who have since left your company, but had access to your program at the time.
    • Note: Eligible users is the is the recommended user type for viewing participation data. 
  • Volunteer opportunities: The number of unique volunteer opportunities associated with the volunteer activity. 
    • Note: volunteer hours are displayed based on date of submission.
  • Causes supported: The number of unique causes volunteer activity has impacted.
  • Cause not specified: refers to volunteering time tracked that is not associated wth a specific nonprofit (i.e. a beach clean up). 
  • UTC: Universal Time Coordinated. This is the standard time zone of all Spark reports.

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