Spark Report: Volunteering

The Spark Volunteering Report displays volunteer activity and participation rates across your program. Filters allow you to change whether you view the data over time or by user group. Analyze total volunteer hours, trends, and user group engagement to find opportunities to grow your program.

To access this report, sign in to Spark and navigate to Manage > Reports > Volunteering.



Users with the Reports Manager role can access this report.

Filtering the Volunteering Report

You can apply the following filters to the Volunteering Report: 

  • Group type: choose between time (month, quarter or year), volunteering characteristics (cause category, cause name, volunteer opportunity) or any field provided in your demographic data to group your data. 
  • Start date (UTC): The start date for the reporting period. Approved volunteer hours are recorded based on the submitted date. 
  • End date (UTC): The end date for the reporting period.


Select Apply to confirm filters and update the data. Select Reset filters to clear the filter inputs.

When the data loads, hover over a graph data point to learn more about the values. 


Group your data by Month to see when the most volunteering hours are tracked over the course of the year. Enter those dates into the Date filters and update the Group type to Department (or a user field that matches your program) to see which teams are the most engaged during that time. You can export data and share it with senior leadership, or use it to inform marketing or internal campaigns to increase participation.

Data refresh

This report is updated in real time.

Exporting report data

Once you have applied the correct filters and have the data you need, you can export it. Select Export on the right of the report and choose your preferred format: pdf, xlsx or csv.



  • Participation rate: the number of volunteers divided by the number of eligible users, displayed as a percentage.
  • Eligible user: A person who had access to Spark at any point in the period you are reporting on. This includes users who have left your company but had access to your program during the reporting period.
  • Volunteers: the unique number of volunteers that tracked time for one or more opportunities. 
  • Volunteer hours: the number of approved hours tracked by volunteers, including external volunteering. Volunteer hours are included based on the date of submission. Queued/denied hours are not included. 
  • Volunteer opportunities: The number of unique volunteer opportunities associated with the volunteer activity. 
  • Causes supported: The number of unique causes impacted by volunteering. 
  • Cause not specified: refers to volunteering time tracked that is not associated with a specific nonprofit (i.e. a beach clean up). 
  • UTC: CoordinatedUniversal Time. This is the standard time zone of all Spark reports.

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