Spark Report: Giving

Use the Spark Giving Report to view donation activity and participation rates across your program. Filter data to find donation totals, trends over time, and user group engagement.


How to use this report

This report shows donations over time or by user group. Use it to see giving trends across your company, and find opportunities to grow your program. For example, program administrators can view the time of year with the highest donation volume, and which teams are most engaged. This data can be shared with company leadership, and used to inform marketing or internal communication campaigns to increase program participation.

The Giving Report enables you to:

  • Display giving totals in a selected currency

  • Compare giving totals over time and between employee groups
  • View top causes, cause categories and giving opportunities

Accessing the report

Users with the Reports Manager role can access this report. Simply sign into Spark and navigate to Manage > Reports > Giving.

When data is updated

This report is updated in real-time.

Report views and filters


  • Group type: Select time (month, quarter or year), giving characteristic (cause category, cause name, giving opportunity) or any field provided in your demographic data.
  • Start date and end date: Filter giving activity over a specific time period.
  • Donation Description: Select the type of donation you want to see. All donation transactions have a description and examples include user reward donation, user donation, or user external donation.
  • Display in: Select which currency you would like donations to be displayed in.
  • Filter by currency: View donation activity for each of the currencies you have enabled in Spark. Available currencies are determined by localized experiences.


Exporting the data

Once you have selected and applied filters, select Export to view your data in PDF, XLSX or CSV.Giving_Report_-_eport.png

Glossary terms

  • Donation participation rate: Percentage of eligible users who have donated.
  • Eligible user: Any user with Spark access during the selected reporting period. This includes users who have since left your company, but had access to your program at the time.
    • Note: Eligible users is the is the recommended user type for viewing participation data. 
  • UTC: Universal Time Coordinated. This is the standard time zone of all Spark reports.
  • User amounts: Sum of all donations made by users, including:
    • credit card and PayPal donations.
    • external donations.
    • payroll donations (if enabled).
      • Note: only committed payroll donations are included; upcoming donations are not.
  • Company amounts: Sum of all donations made by your company, including:
    • donation matching.
    • reward donations (volunteer rewards and seeding).
    • corporate donations.
  • Giving opportunities: The number of unique giving opportunities associated with the donation activity.
  • Causes supported: The number of unique causes supported by the donation activity.
  • User default rule donation: Funds that have been donated to your program's default cause from an inactive user's My Funds Giving Account. Learn how to create a report on inactive user funds.

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