Spark Report: Web Analytics

Use the Spark Web Analytics Report to quickly see trends in site traffic and the most visited pages. 

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How to use this report

Use this data to track what the high-usage times are for your program. For example: if you send a campaign launch email to kick-off Giving Season, you will be able to immediately view the effects of your communications on the site visits.

The Web Analytics Report enables you to:

  • View trends in the number of unique users who have visited Spark 

  • Identify top viewed pages in Spark

  • See the average number of pages per visit

  • Identify the days users are most active in your program and align your communication and campaign strategy accordingly

  • Identify low performing pages so you can strategize removing or improving them

Accessing the report

Users with the Reports Manager role in Spark can access this report. Simply sign into Spark and navigate to Manage > Reports > Web Analytics.

When data is updated

This report is updated in real-time.

Report views and filters

Users view and filters

  • Start date and end date: filter page visits over a specific time period


Top Pages View and Filters

  • Start date and end date: filter page visits over a specific time period
  • Page type: filter activity by giving opportunities only, volunteering opportunities only, or all opportunities.


Exporting the data

Once you have selected and applied filters, click Export to view your data in PDF, XLSX, or CSV for further visualization.


Glossary terms

  • User: an employee who has signed in to your Spark site. Visitors to your company's Community Impact Portal are not included in this number.
  • Visits per user: the average number of times a user has visited your Spark site.
  • Pages per visit: the average number of pages a user has viewed per visit. 
  • Page visits: the total number of page views across all users and visits.

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