November 2022: Release Highlights


Find out what’s changed and what’s coming soon across Benevity products this month.


Employee Engagement 

Spark Reporting

New reports are now live, just in time for Giving Season!

Measure the impact of your Giving Season campaigns in real time with Spark reports. Program admins can now access two new reports on donation and volunteering totals, making it easier to track trends and quickly pull key metrics. Simply toggle to the Manage > Reports section of your site to access all available reports, which also includes participation, web analytics, and DR payment status



Spark Mobile 

QR code experience updates

Spark QR codes have been updated for a more accessible and inclusive experience. Previously, only campaign managers were able to access giving opportunity QR codes. Now, all those who have created a giving opportunity OR have the ability to create one can see QR codes for the giving opportunities, causes and cause projects.

The QR code experience has also become more streamlined. Now, when you scan a QR code or follow a shared link, you will no longer need to download the app first to view the link contents. If the app isn’t already installed, the page will open up in a mobile browser and you will be able to login there, or follow a link to download the app.


View Rewards & Funds Balances on Donation Forms

Giving accounts can have two parts - My Funds and My Rewards, which are both viewable on the Dashboard. Now, both accounts will also be visible on the donation form when an employee selects Giving Account as a payment method. This update allows employees to easily view the available balance in both accounts at the time of donating, and ensure that they use their rewards up before they expire.


Benevity Affinity Groups

New Shared Group Resources Space for ERGs

Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders and admins now have access to a ‘Group Resources’ functionality within the platform. This is a dedicated shared space where leaders are able to share important links and documents with members of their group, like learning and educational resources, process documents, meeting recordings or webinars, and more. Link resources can also be added to connect Groups to other related internal spaces, like intranet or Sharepoint sites.



Content & Campaigns Resources

We have new content and campaigns you and your people can support! These resources contain giving opportunities, news items, cause recommendation lists and images sized for Spark.

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